Domesticity and Territory 

Pedro Duarte Bento is an architect working on multiple scales of buildings, urban spaces and geographies. Additionally, as a large-format photographer educated at ICP New York, Pedro documents the informally built environment in series of territory-specific visual essays. Currently a PhD in Architecture researcher at FAUL, Pedro is preparing his doctoral thesis on new typological expressions of folk domestic architecture.

Member of OA Portuguese Architects Association, established his studio in 2016, after a decade of collaborative experiences with renowned practices in New York City and Barcelona.

Held up to 2015 an Associate position at the New York City office of SOM for several years, leading the design of cultural, residential and workplace projects in the United States, Latin America and the Middle East. Previously trained at James Corner Field Operations in New York City, at Josep Lluis Mateo Arquitectura in Barcelona, and at Vão Arquitectos in Lisbon. 

Recipient of the 'Extraordinary Ability Individual in the Arts' (United States O-1 visa program) twice; and of Fundação Oriente's Travel Fellowship to document the shipbreaking industries in India and Bangladesh. As an international associate member of the American Institute of Architects, was selected in 2015 for its 'Emerging Professionals' exhibition at the national headquarters in Washington DC.

Currently a PhD Candidate in Architecture, FAUL
Post-graduated in Architecture, Doctoral Advanced Studies Diploma, FAUL
Graduated in Architecture, FAUL Faculdade de Arquitectura Universidade de Lisboa
Education in Sculpture, School of Visual Arts, New York City
Education in Large-format Analogue Film Photography, ICP, New York City

SOM, New York City (US) — Associate, 7 years
James Corner — Field Operations, New York City (US)
Josep Lluis Mateo Arquitectes, Barcelona (SP)
Vao Arquitectos Associados, Lisbon (PT)

+351 966 030 107