Domesticity and Territory 

Construction log archive: 
June 2020 


Proposal for IHRU Alcaniça Op.03
Government social housing competition
Almada, 2020

Glorious Landscape
Field marking an isosceles triangle
1:50 model

Glorious Landscape
Field marking a square
1:50 model

Proposal for Ordem dos Arquitectos
Headquarters extension's renovation
Lisboa, 2020

House in Lardosa
Foundation work

Two Family Houses
Kuwait, 2019

The Farmer's Barn
Summer Pavilion for Roosevelt Island
New York City, 2019 (1:20 model)

Apartment renovation
Loures, 2019

Species of Spaces (after Georges Perec)
Mixed media, 120 x 80 cm / 47.2 x 31.5 inch.

'Territory VOL. II: Kuwait'
Photographic essay, 25 plates, 2019

Proposal for Madrid Las Tablas Municipal Library
International competition for the 
Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Spain 2019

Otium Pavilion 
1:20 wood model

Casa Marques-Santos

House in rural Lardosa
Interior renovation completed

Farmhouse in Evora, Alentejo
Reconstruction and interior renovation completed

"South Elevation, 1:25", 2018
Mixed-media on heavy duty paper roll, 50x70 cm / 20x27.5 in.

Tank-pool and shade in a rural estate
Beira-Baixa, Portugal

"Patios Mallorquines"
Proposal for a Senior Residency in Son Martorell, Palma 
Balearic Islands Government Competition, Spain

A Phenomenological Study 
in Thirty Illustrations

5 x 8 in /11 x 20 cm
72 Pages, black-and-white
ISBN: 9781389256035

Farmhouse in Evora, Alentejo
Reconstruction and interior renovation


Duas Casas nas Ilhas Selvagens, Madeira, Portugal
Ordem dos Arquitectos competition, 2016
3rd Prize

Apartment in Areeiro, Lisbon
Interior renovation completed

Kofun | memorial Park for MH17 Victims, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Competition, 2015
Honorable Mention

Stoa | proposal for Centenary Square, Birmingham, UK
Royal Institute of British Architects Competition, 2016

Agora | proposal for Plovdiv Square, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Competition, 2014


Middle School in Arrifes, Azores, Portugal
Government competition, 2015




Gabbro | proposal for Guggenheim Museum, Helsinki, Finland
Competition, 2015



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Domesticity and Territory 
—somewhere between historicism and utopia—

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