Casa Marques-Santos, Private house in Lardosa, Portugal 
Proposal for a Senior Residency in Palma, Spain, Government of the Balearic Islands competition 
Quinta Casal-de-Fatima, farmhouse renovation in Evora, Portugal 
House in rural Lardosa, interior renovation, Portugal 
Apartment in Areeiro, interior renovation, Lisbon, Portugal 
Taylor Wimpey 2020, United Kingdom, RIBA competition

Jarfalla Folkets Park, Jakobsberg, Sweden, competition, shortlist

Janus | Duas casas nas Ilhas Selvagens Madeira, Portugal OASRS competition, 3rd Prize

Visitors courtyard residencies, United States

Casa da Esperança, workshop and day centre, Lardosa, Portugal

Kouros | proposal for middle school, Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal, competition

Norfolk apartment, Lower East Side, New York City, interiors commission 
Vallum | proposal for World War One National Memorial Washington DC, USA competition

Korrektur | House at the precise centre of the Kobernausser Forest, architectural folly

Kofun | Memorial Park for MH17 Victims, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, competition, honourable mention

Stoa | proposal for Centenary Square Birmingham, UK, RIBA competition

Gabbro | proposal for Guggenheim Museum, Helsinki, Finland, competition

Khora | proposal for a summer pavilion Governors Island, New York City, competition

Agora | proposal for Plovdiv Square, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, competition, shortlist

Observatorium Perfugium, piece for Al-Shaheed Park, Kuwait, invitational competition

Casa Alves-Tomé, Ramalhais, Portugal, commission, built
Self-fab Houses, 1st & 2nd Advanced Architecture Competition Iaac Barcelona, finalist (both editions)