Apartment in Areeiro, Lisbon
114m2 / 1225sf

An apartment renovation in a building from the early 1980s. The original program was mostly kept: kitchen and living room in the east quarter facing the main street, three rooms in the west towards a quiet secondary street, and two bathrooms in the core. The renovation included the replacement of all plumbing and electrical wiring, new kitchen and bathrooms, a new material/finishes scheme throughout the unit, and some changes of the original layout: 1) a bedroom and bathroom were combined to create a private master-bedroom; 2) new articulations between kitchen, living room and vestibule; 3) a laundry room and a technical vestibule were added as support areas. The new material/finishes scheme was reduced to a palette of white stucco, Estremoz marble (polished and honed), walnut woodwork and bronze (door handles). The existent dark wood veneer doors were re-used (lacquered in mate white) and the original wooden parquet floor was sanded and oiled to achieve and preserve its natural color.